ReviverSoft developed Registry Reviver as an easy way to optimize your PC's registry and improve overall performance. The interface has a logical design that makes it easy to learn even if you've never used registry cleaner software. Immediately upon launching the software, you can read information about the hardware of your computer, including the systems overall health. In addition, the registry scanner provides options, allowing you to customize which areas of the registry database you want scanned. The comprehensive scan of our test computer's entire registry took 48 seconds and found 89 registry issues.

The scan summary provides detail that's comparable to the top registry cleaners. For example, from the scan you can view the fragmentation percentage of the registry – a detail not included with most registry cleaner's scan summaries. To fix the fragmentation, a defrag tool is included to optimize the registry, which improves your computer's performance. After running the defrag and repair tools on our test computer, the performance increased by only 1.6 percent. This doesn't compare to the best registry cleaners, which can increase PC performance by up to 22 percent.

Since any changes to your PC's registry database is risky, safety features are critical when choosing a registry cleaner. Most registry tuners require you to back up the registry manually, which puts you at risk of forgetting to create a backup. However, Registry Reviver includes an automatic backup of the registry that backs up the registry before every repair you make. These automatic backups act like a safety net that allow you to make mistakes because you can restore the registry by using one of the automatic backup points.

Another important safety feature is the exclusion list. Because some registry data is critical for the operating system to work properly, changes to this data can cause serious problems. The exclusion lists allows you to flag those sensitive registry files for exclusion so that the scan doesn't try to fix or change them.

One flaw of the safety features is the lack of an undo tool. This a common feature among the best registry optimizers because it allows you to reverse minor repair mistakes when you're using the repair tools. For example, if you accidentally delete a critical registry file, the undo tool simply reverses that one mistake. Without it, the only way you can rectify the mistake is to restore the entire registry database from one of the backups, which is not only time consuming but erases any progress you may have made in other areas of the registry.

For help and support, you can access a FAQs page and a forum for quick answers on ReviverSoft's website. You can also email or use the 24/7 phone support hotline. The only support feature missing is live chat.

Registry Reviver Summary:

Registry Reviver's logical interface and automatic backup features make it an ideal registry tuner for novice users. However, the registry repair and defrag tools didn't result in a significant increase in our test computer's performance. In addition, the lack of an undo function means that any mistakes will require a full restoration of a registry backup to fix. Despite these shortcomings, we were generally impressed with Registry Reviver.


Registry Reviver

The scan summary provides detailed error information.

Without an undo tool, you can't easily reverse single registry repair mistakes.

The Verdict:

Registry Reviver's easy-to-use interface and automatic safety features make this great if you have never used a registry cleaner before. However, the lack of an undo feature means that any repair mistakes will require a full registry restore.