Designed by ZookWare, RegZooka is a registry cleaner designed for optimizing your computer's use of the Windows registry database. This begins with a full scan of your registry, which is where the data concerning software and operating system configurations are stored and accessed. With our test computer, the scan took 54 seconds and found 302 issues. The amount of registry issues it found was among the most found by the registry tuners we reviewed. However, while the scan summary screen categorized the issues found, it failed to provide sufficient information about the registry errors.

Over time, your registry will grow, even if you remove software and delete files from the hard drive. Data redundancies can develop and files can become fragmented. This can result in a slower computer boot-up time and an over overall dip in performance. RegZooka's registry defrag tool is designed to streamline the registry database. After running all the optimization tools, our test computer's overall performance only increased by 1.56 percent. This is well below the performance increase set by the best registry cleaners.

To mitigate safety concerns, RegZooka has features you should expect with the top registry cleaners. These features help keep the registry cleaning process from making critical errors that could ruin your ability to operate your computer. This includes a full registry backup and restore tool, which acts like a safety net. If you make a mistake by deleting or changing an important registry file, you can restore the registry to what it was before the mistake. In addition, the undo tool allows you to reverse minor mistakes to individual repairs performed.

Another important safety feature is the exclusion list. This option allows you to exclude certain registry files from the registry scan. If you don't exclude some registry files, the registry tuner might mistake it for having an error. Deleting or changing sensitive registry files can cause the operating system to work ineffectively or not at all. Exclusion lists protect this from occurring.

Compared to the best registry cleaners, RegZooka has some of the best help and support options. The software designer, ZookaWare, includes 24/7 phone support for U.S. customers in addition to live chat and email support. You can also read the FAQs page for quick reference to common issues among users.

RegZooka Summary:

RegZooka is an easy-to-use registry optimizer with excellent safety features and technical support. However, the lack of details concerning the errors found by the registry scan limits the overall effectiveness of this program because you're can't be sure of the specifics of each error.


RegZooka 3.22

The safety and technical support features are comparable to the top registry cleaners.

The scan reports lack detailed information concerning the different errors.

The Verdict:

RegZooka has repair and defrag tools but lacks a detailed account of the issues found in the scan, which limits its usefulness.